Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halloween cuties

A quick little set!  this has been sitting in my sketch book for almost 6 weeks... (now you know how far behind I am!!!)   I have so many sets waiting to be scanned, colored and formatted its not even funny!!!! rockstars, robots, clocks, weather, ugly sweaters, I dont even remember what else... lots of ink and NO time for the computer... !

I am about 50% done loading all of the clip art onto the new website. I have had A LOT of problems with the download server that I use for Etsy that I am working overtime to get the website complete.  I would really like to phase Etsy out by the end of the year.  Dont forget to use NEW50 at checkout when you got to my new website


  1. So cute! I just picked these (and a few other things) up at your website! I keep checking it so I can pick up all the combos you are uploading! :) Have you ever considered doing a set of kiddos from around the world? (France, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Israel, England, etc.) We do Holidays Around the World at my school and I would love to buy a set of these!!

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  3. I love, love, love your new website! I made my first order just a few minutes ago! Congratulations!

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