Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Madness

Its time for a month long sale and giveaway!  First... on Etsy only use the code marchmadness15 at check out for 50% off!!! Also give me your themes for the remainder of the are you decorating, what are you teaching, reading etc... I am looking for some broad ideas.... Like this:

I am doing a science unit on frogs so I am decorating with lily pads and frogs

We are reading poetry and we are going to have rhyming games.

We are studying nocturnal creatures.

 I will hopefully be able to get a bunch done in the next thirty days... as before, first with the theme that sparks an idea for me gets the clip art set! And I will work hard to get at least 5 sets done.

 I will announce winners here ONLY and you need to email me for your set... I cant see any way to contact you from my blog,  am I blind? 


  1. We are studying new plants, which although you have a gardening set would be slightly different...more like life cycle of a plant. Also measurement, so ruler/yardstick/scale/balance/and things to measure volume. And I would love to see another ______ at School pack like the bears.

    I just love all your bright, cheerful sets and since I own just about everything I could ever possibly need, I'll be thrilled to see whatever you come up with!

    PS: You should be able to reply to someone's comments and it will go to the person's email, unless they have their settings set to "no reply".

    1. thank you! I dont recall seeing that reply button before!!! LOL

  2. We will be spending some time in PK learning about Mexico, Fiesta and Cinco de Mayo.

  3. 1.Weather and water cycle with nonfiction close reading such as thunder storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Books incorporating Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. That would make an amazing clip set set :0) and Thunder Cake to tie in with thunder and lightening storms.
    2.Spring/Garden theme incorporating the books Diary Of A Worm, Diary of a Spider, and Diary of A spider so learning about worms and spiders, their habitat and life cycle.Making a worm habitat. Also maybe a clip art theme incorporating Worm,Spider, and or Fly from the books maybe even some of the activities they show in the book to be used for sequencing and working with verbs.
    3.We are reading the book Chocolate Fever and will be writing up our own prescription to cure it and many other activities. Matching clip art for this book would be amazing. Henry the boy with and without spots, a doctor, pills and medicine bottle, thermometer, several types of chocolate.
    Cinco de Mayo and incorporating the book Chicks and Salsa. A set with A rooster, chicks farmer- he is bald and had a beard no mustache and his wife - she had glasses ol fashion wingtip lol, ducks, pigs, horse, bull,rooster with a sombrero and a cape, chips, salsa things for a fiesta, french cookbook, crepes, and white grapes, and Rooster in a beret.
    Hope you get inspired with some of these ideas. :0)

  4. We will be going to a zoo in May and doing research on one of the zoo animals.

  5. My classroom theme is flamingos, alligators, and tropical. Anything with flamingos and alligators that can be used to make labels, charts, etc... or flamingos and alligators that are reading or doing other school activities would be great! Other things that would be great are palm trees, grass, lake, cattails. Your art is so much fun and my kids love it!

  6. LOVE your clipart! What a fun contest!

    My classroom theme is a forest--our class "pet" (stuffed animal) is Nutty the Squirrel. The kids love him! I know you have a forest friends set, but I would love to see a set with other forest themed things and animals to compliment it such as forest trees, a squirrel, an owl, etc.

    We will also be studying solids, liquids, and gases in science. Would love to see a science set with different examples of these!

    I can't wait for spring to come and when it does we always begin a plant unit! Would love to see clipart with various stages/parts of a plant!

    Can't wait to see what you do!! Thanks for the opportunity and for the sale!

    Foxwell Forest

  7. Thank you for the discount code...I'm definitely going to be shopping at your Etsy store this month! :)

    Some ideas for you:

    -Anatomy (body parts and their functions, 5 senses, organs, etc.) Maybe even doctors and their tools (thermometer, band aids, stethoscope, shot, etc.)
    -Zoology (different animal groups- mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, insects, marsupials)
    -Fancy Nancy girl with fancy accessories. Maybe include the word "Fancy" decorated fancy.

    If I can think of any others I'll let you know. Thanks for the fun contest!

    Jungle Learners