Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Free Igloos for your alpha pic sets

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I had areally hard time with the I in the aplha pics set.... I ended up with an inchworm  because, if you look closely almost everything in the set has a face... I thought of iguana but  I was afraid that would just be a lizard to most kids, and I know inchworm can be misinterpreted as a snake... soooooo I am making this igloo for those who want it as a free bee for a different I picture!  (you will get both the stamp and color in the download) From now forward the alpha pic sets will include the igloo as part of the set!


  1. Thanks! I was worried about including the inchworm (although it is really cute) in my alphabet chart I was making.

  2. Thanks so much for this. I do think most people also want short I sounds as well, although inchworm does accomplish that. Thanks again...I LOVE your stuff.

  3. Thank you!! Inchworm was a bit tricky!!

  4. Very cute igloo! You are such a natural and an inspiration for all other clip artists! WE've given you the One Lovely Blog award. Hop on over to grab it!

    C&C Teach First

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