Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some new frames

THese are just little frames in random shapes and sizes... I only did these in black....  I thought they might be cute for a mothers day card or frame
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Garden Bunnies!

Another set just for fun.... Garden Bunnies.  I've included paws so you can layer them over a tool or flowers to make it look more realistic!  Only 20 of these available at the Blog price... but you can find them on Etsy and in my TPT shop.
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New Clip Art

These are not in response to your ideas yet!  Just some sets I finished, starting with the merkids... I decided to go back and take a look at some of my older clipart and see what kind of improvements I could make... This drawing style is a little different for me but I sort of like the cleaner lines I also added boys!  

NOTE:  There is only 20 copies of each set available!!! I am limiting quantities so that I can make room on the blog for new sets more often.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Madness

Its time for a month long sale and giveaway!  First... on Etsy only use the code marchmadness15 at check out for 50% off!!! Also give me your themes for the remainder of the are you decorating, what are you teaching, reading etc... I am looking for some broad ideas.... Like this:

I am doing a science unit on frogs so I am decorating with lily pads and frogs

We are reading poetry and we are going to have rhyming games.

We are studying nocturnal creatures.

 I will hopefully be able to get a bunch done in the next thirty days... as before, first with the theme that sparks an idea for me gets the clip art set! And I will work hard to get at least 5 sets done.

 I will announce winners here ONLY and you need to email me for your set... I cant see any way to contact you from my blog,  am I blind?