Saturday, January 7, 2012

latest valentines clips

this may it for valentines...I think I may get Presidents day finished today, almost done with the ink!


  1. Well it's official... I'll never have money again! LOL... must have these too!!

  2. I downloaded a ton of your clip art last week from Etsy and am soooo hooked! Your graphics are beyond cute and I am so lucky I found you! I'll now be blog-stalking constantly for more cute clip art :) Thanks :)

    Lisa :) (new follower)

  3. So cute!! Do you plan on doing any groundhog doodles? I really need some black and white and can't find any :)

  4. i think you're a mind-reader. i just wrote math problems and then realized i have no candy clip art. i'll be snatching these as soon as there are some other new treasures and i can take advantage of your buy 2, get 1 (more like buy 6, get 3 for me) deal!

  5. Thanks so much Kristin for allowing teachers to use your clip art and stamps....I do not sell my work and I like to share my ideas with others. I will be using your clip art from now on!!!!

    I love it...especially the stamps!!


  6. I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a "shout out" on my blog telling others about your adorable mitten story characters. I hope that is okay! Thank you for all that you do!