Sunday, October 16, 2011

 I spent the day yesterday in Santa Cruz at 'Open Studio Day'.  We visited over 20 artists out of almost 300 on the map.  This goes on for three weekends every October and it is a blast!  I have an 11 year old daughter who is pretty creative, as we went along we started to look for every discipline and medium.  Painting, sculpting, jewelry, printmaking, ceramics, photography.  Of course she loved the jewelry!  Another thing I discovered was her intense interest in printmaking, we saw two printmaking studios, one that uses a press and etching plates and another that uses silkscreens.  She was immediately drawn to the etching process.  Another thing I noticed is the art that she was drawn to was very sophisticated and a little on the dark side!!!  No pretty pictures for her!  She loved a painting of a bare tree standing alone in a field with a few pieces of fruit hanging from the branches, and another that was a huge sweeping sketch (it was about 5 feet square) with tons of lines and smudges but very ethereal, it was a group of people with no faces and very roughly sketched so without the artist there to show her the inspiration piece it would not have been completely obvious that it was a group of people.  From both of these artists she purchased a greeting card that had the artwork on them.  What an eye opener!!!! This poor kid lives in the middle of cutie central!!!

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