Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 Oh My GOSH! I finally finished it!  I have this week off so I sat myself down and powered through! I am going back to my to do list, to see what to tackle next, I know there is a lot of fairy tales on the list, My student is working on picnic and BBQ stuff over the week and Im going to be doing some more background pages.


  1. You are so talented!!!! Everything you make is adorable!

  2. Okay KPM Doodles...LOL, How the heck are you getting these out so fast??? I am trying to keep up with you girl!! I love your graphics!! I would love to partner with a bunch of clip art & graphic designers to somehow promote and show off how we create our work. Possibly with pics or screen shots of the process. People really enjoy seeing the process and all of us certainly have our own. Would you be willing to be a guest on my blog to show a little bit of your artistic process? (not the entire process of course..hehehe) but maybe how you come up with your ideas, what program(s) you use and how you store and keep track of your stores and items. I did a small tutorial to give readers a peak into my world and I got a huge positive response! There were even a few bloggers who went out and bought a tablet. I love the idea of inspiring people who have that creative gift, but just may not know how to exercise it & to show everyone else the difficulty of the process. I get so many requests and I am able to pump out small requests in about an hour, but then when I do that, they assume that I can draw anything in an hour...sad to admit that I wish I was that skillful...hehehe!!

    Email me if you are interested in teaming up to show off our creative sides (-;


    The 3AM Teacher

    P.S. I really admire your work!!! It is quite lovely indeed and I am totally motivated by your ability to pump these out like the process takes about a minute...LOL! I am not one for competing, but one to promote, share and learn more (-;

    1. Michelle, I can't find your post and I would love to read it! Can you add a link to it?? or email it to me??

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